This page will be used to detail the terminology and acronyms of the campaign setting and Wiki.

DDI Dungeons & Dragons Insider WotC’s method of digitally delivering periodic content and
information about Dungeons & Dragons
DM dungeon master The administrator, arbiter, and catch-all position of the
HR house rule A deviation from RAW; referenced with it’s number (i.e., HR1)
NPC non-player character A character in the game campaign controlled by the DM; more
detailed than a monster; may play a recurring role or have
plot significance
PC player character The main protagonists of the campaign; controlled by the
RAW rules as written Official rules from an approved campaign source such as WotC
printed materials, errata, the DDI Compendium, or any third-
party source
WotC Wizards of the Coast; publisher of Dungeons & Dragons

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