Party Journal

Journal Entry: #15
Author: Talmore

After waking from our extended rest, the party took some time to speak with individuals in town who may know some details on what we were looking into. We spoke with the priestess at the temple, who gave us some insight into the infection, and provided us with a couple of potions that may be able to help us. We also spoke with the Mayor, who while having her own thoughts on who did it, did not want to give out names. Finally, we spoke with a local druid who requested that we bring back some infected plant life so she may better study it.

As the party trudged along towards the manor, we took some time to rest during the night. Waking to the screams of some humanoid creature out in the woods, the group decided to sit tight and ignore it.

Once at the manor, the party was attacked by two rabid badgers, one of which bit tempest. After felling those two beasts, the party proceeded further into the manor’s grounds. Using Mage Hand, Talmore tried to fetch some water from a fountain. As this was being done a rabid croc and wolves attacked. As the creatures were eliminated, some humanoids began to come around the backside of the mansion, and bore down upon us. Finishing off the animals and grabbing some plant life – the party ran for safety.

Journal Entry: #13
Author: Talmore

After searching through the room with the sarcophagi, they proceeded to next door in the Crypt. The door led them to a large chamber, with pools of water around a large well. A large Gnoll wearing a skull helmet and wielding a large flail stood before him. Behind the gnoll stood another behind their leader, as a final gnoll climbed out of the well. Unknown to most of the party (until Ashen spotted him) was another gnoll with his bow trained on the door).

Deciding that diplomacy has accomplished nothing yet, the group decided to attack. The battle started off with Ashen charging the leader and using one of his powers to teleport the leader back into the door way where the group assaulted him. Talmore focused fire on the leader and one of the lackies. Tock hit with an amazing rough strike. Tempest unleashed an area of effect power in the room to penalize the gnolls (and the Grell).

As combat continued, a Grell rose out from the inside of the well and slaughtered one of the Gnolls. Once the gnolls were felled, the group turned their attention to finishing off the grell. The grells attacks would grab and paralyze those it attacked, causing the melee fighters to lose efficiency. However, Nike was able to strike the final blow to the grell.

Once the bird-beaked brain with tentacles fell, the group began to search the room. Within they found a small bag with gold and silver in ancient coins, and a note to someone named Z, explaining there was an exit out of the crypt through some underground caves accessed through the well.

Going back into the previous room, the group finally attempted the chairs. The first gave them a vision of being in a large field prior to the city being built. The other seemed to show the river and farms of the area dried up, and a lone staircase similar to the one into the crypt there. The visions were very cryptic.

As a final note the group reached level 4

Journal Entry: #12
Author: Talmore

With the Gnolls slain, the group took to healing their wounds and searching the immediate area for hidden goods, as well to understand what the Skull was. The large skull radiated magic, however Talmore was not able to decifer what exactly it did, and as he started to investigate it, it shook a little on its own. Not wanting to have a curse befall him or anything, he (and the rest of the group left it alone). Nothing of interest was found in the rest of the room.

The group then moved to the double metal doors. with a strong perception, the group was able to dicern there was some additional Gnolls in the next room. They attempted to bluff the gnolls in the the room they were in to ambush them, however the Gnolls would not take the bait.

The group then cautiously proceeded into the next room where they took on the Gnolls. There were two Gnoll guards, three hyenas, and a leader who used a bow. The room itself had many sarcophagi in it, and one very large one as the group entered the room, and at the far end two thrones. The group used the giant sarcophagus in the center of the room to block the arrows from the Gnoll leader at the far end, to lure him closer. As the melee fighters engaged the gnoll soldiers and hyenas, the ranged fighters shot back with magic. The Gnolls were strong – brining Tock and Tempest to dangerously low levels. Thankfully Nike’s ability to heal kept them from kicking the bucket.

Eventually the battle was won against the Gnolls. The huge sarcophus in the center was opened which contained crown (later identified as a Philosopher’s crown, a Hawk Statue, and some coin. The thrones also radiated magic, yet no one was able to decipher what purpose they served, so they were left alone.

Journal Entry: #11
Author: Tock

After a much needed extended rest, we took a moment to discuss our next move. It was quickly decided that the best option was to get out of the city now that our contacts were dead and the city guard was on high alert. Galfor and Ashen scouted the nearby area for possible means of escape, and were quick to locate a sub-terrain crypt that would hopefully provide a covered means of travel. With no hesitation, my comrades and I made our way to the Crypt and tunnels below.

With Ashen leading the way, we had only gone a few stairs down when he heard a noise coming up ahead. Ever the silent shadow, Ashen scouted ahead and located a damage door that lead way to a giant room of sorts. Not one to fear the unknown, Nike charged the door and threw it off it’s hinges in a intimidating display of dragon strength. Unfortunately for us, this alerted 3 fearless gnolls that had been waiting inside.

Ashen, Nike and I took up the front line while Talmore, Galfor, and Tempest covered us from the back with spells and arrows. Perhaps it was my incredible presence or some deep rooted hatred for warforged, for I quickly became the focus of the gnolls’ relentless and unbelievably strong attacks, clawing me within an inch to my life multiple times. Luckily, my stalwart companions were able to provide healing aid and protection spells to keep me from falling and our group pressed the fight.

Eventually, we managed to bloody one of the damn things which then made a mad dash to an ominous looking skull in the far corner of the room. Sensing the possibility of impending doom, Ashen and our casters 3 attacked the runaway gnoll and managed to silence the foul creature just before it could activate what ever foul trap it had planned.

The battle raged on, and with a well placed Acid orb, the drow Tempest was able to fell another foul creature. The end was in sight, until suddenly the last remaining gnoll struck me most furious, ripping my wooden torso to splinters. However, the gods were with me and I was able to hang on to life but only by a thread. Nike and Ashen came to my aid, and with their combined might brought down the final beast for good.

Journal Entry: #10
Authoer: Tempest

After the successful escape from the Growling Beggar, the group met once more at the safehouse and before setting out to deal with their next quest, tried to bed down for the evening to rest and recover. Sadly they were not to be allowed to get a solid night’s rest.
Sleeping in the storeroom down below, the group woke to hear crashing from the empty inn above and quietly dressed and gathered their equipment before moving upstairs to see just what was going on. Managing to stay hidden initially, they saw that city mercenaries have finally stormed the inn. Where once they had passed them by, it seemed to some that the escape from the Beggar was not as scott free as they once hoped. After a brief discussion, the party spread out into the main area and did their best to maintain the element of surprise before engaging in combat.
And a furious combat it was. During the fight with normal mercs, in came an ogre and a familiar enemy in the form of Glanfang. Willing to mete out damage but not risk his hide, Glamfang was quickly driven off while the ogre was killed. Also unleashed was some quick and devastating form of Warforged. But fighting as a group, the enemies were overcome, and plans were made to vacate the abandoned inn before more mercenaries arrived.
Searching the inn, the party was disheartened to learn that Iggus and several of his fellow rebels had been killed before the group could intervene. Bearing that in mind, they gathered what few supplies they could and left the inn and found a smaller and just empty building within a few blocks and settled in for the rest of the evening in order to figure out just what to do now that the rebels they were in contact with were dead.

Journal Entry: #9
Author: Talmore

After returning to the rebel safehouse, the group is confronted by Iggus regarding their actions that lead to Kormeri’s death, which resulted in the city being put into lock down. After trying to convince him that it was not their actions, and that they did have the mask. Iggus went off to set up the meeting with the Talons to exchange the mask for the stone they had been looking for.

The meeting had been set for late in the evening at Growling Beggar Tavern, yet as they waited mercenaries traveled the neighborhood searching for Kormeri’s assassins. The party successfully hid in the basement of the safehouse, and once the coast was clear, set off for the tavern.

Once at the tavern Talmore waited down in the bar area while the rest set forth to speak to the leader of the Talons. As the group worked with the leader, a band of mercenaries came into the tavern, still searching for the murderers. Talmore Raftink made his way to the privy, but was spotted and followed by a guard, Talmore Raftink used magic to trick the guard into retching due to a potent smell, which distracted the other mercenaries. Meanwhile the rest of the party made their way out and searched for Talmore.

Talmore, meanwhile, tried to sneak out of the bathroom but was spotted the the remaining mercenaries in the bar. Panic stricken, Talmore bolted through the window landing on his face. Tock picked him up and carried him back to the safehouse, while Tempest used his darkness racial ability to create a diversion in the alleyway.

Once back at the safehouse, Talmore began to examine one of the stones, and was able to figure the key word to make it work and get the message about plans to make the state impregnable.

With one quest completed and new knowledge in hand, the group sets off to tamper with the weapon being created.

Journal Entry: #8
Author: Tock

Once the mimic had been destroyed, we searched the storage room for anything of value. Imagine our surprise when we found a treasure trove of items and trinkets. After some discussion we divided up the stash and carried on. I’ve listed the items below should any of my fleshy companions suffer from a broken head and forget what we found:

Alchemical Failsafe loaded with Blinding Bomb
Badge of the Berserker

Gloves of Recovery
Bloodthirst Bracers

Repulsion Armor – Cloth

Arcanist’s Glasses
Gloves of Piercing
Shimmering Armor – Cloth

Bag of Holding
Stormbiter Warblade – Dagger

Consumables: (held in the bag of holding)


  • 1845 gp worth of gold, gems, and art objects (307.50 for each person!)

We quickly equipped our new items and set out to the pitch black room we had encountered earlier. We were in for another surprise when we opened the room’s door and found that the magical darkness that once engulfed the room had disappeared. Sun rod in hand, we entered the room and were greeted by 5 statues, each one of a foul beast (hook horror, troglodyte, pseudodragon, wereboar, and goblin) holding what appeared to be the very stones we were looking for. With out hesitation, Nike sauntered up to the pseudodragon and knocked the stone from its mouth. In a flash, the dragon came to life and battle was soon upon us.

The little trickster was quick to attack and manged to “wake up” the troglodyte. Luck was with us, for we were able to vanquish the dragon before it could wake up the dreaded hook horror, but we were unable to stop the troglodyte from waking up the wereboar soon after. Battle raged on, and through the combined efforts our party (that included me having to take upon my Winter Herald’s Form and Tempest to use his destructive Storm Blast) we were able to destroy the 3 creatures.

Still hot from battle, our party turned toward the goblin statue and resumed our attack. The puny thing was no match for our group though Nike and Tempest did suffer some nasty burns from the goblins destructive blast. Haggard and battered, our team discussed our next course of action. Tempest was adamant that we leave right away to avoid any potential guards, but Nike and I could not bear to think of leaving with out the final stone. We agreed to take a quick 5 min break to tend our wounds and search the room. We retrieved the 4 stones and found 3 weapons in a nearby weapon rack: Silver Greatsword, Adamantine Morning Star, and a [[Spear +1 |magic spear]]. Given my love of all things blunt, I strapped my shield and hammer to my back equipped the Adamantine Morning Star withe groups consent.

We soon heard sounds outside and discovered that warforged guards had entered the establishment. Weary of a full on attack against the guards, Talmore and Tempest devised a strategy to help distract the guards as we made our escape from the room. Given the hook horror’s “blind-sight”, Tempest devised that we could awaken the beast and set it loose on the guards outside. With help of Talmore’s ghost wail to mask our commotion, the stronger members of our group moved the hook horror statue to face the guards. With our blinding bomb and giggles gas at the ready (and a new acidic fire loaded in my waist!), Ashen snatched the last stone from the statue thus awaking the hook horror.

As the enraged beast charged through the door towards the warforged, our party used the distraction to make our way outside where Ashen spotted 3 final guards. Talmore let fly the blinding bomb at the unsuspecting group, and thus allowing us to make our getaway undetected.

Journal Entry: #7
Author: Talmore

The characters picked up their quest given to them by the Talons, a local thieves’ guild, from where they had last left off. In exchange for one of the stones that they were looking for, the Talons wanted the characters to steal a mask from Kormeri, an artificer with some strong influence with Barra. A holy item of a trickster god, the Talons are prevented from stealing it themselves in order to be allowed to continue to operate in this town.

The group decided to split up – Nike and Tock went to a nearby tavern to scope out Komeri’s shop from across the street and watch for trouble, while Ashen, Content Not Found: galfor-stonecutter, and Tempest tried to find a way into the shop.

Nike and Tock had some difficulty getting into the tavern, due to it’s high end nature. The duo were finally able to enter after a successful armwrestling match against the bouncer.

After some searching, Tempest was able to teleport into the shop (which had a magically warded door), and Ashen and Content Not Found: galfor-stonecutter followed through an interesting use of an encounter power.

While searching out the first floor, the three came across TalmoreTalmore Raftink, a Thunder Soul Genasi, who is an indentured servant of Komeri – and was willing to help them in exchange for his freedom.

As the three and the new member headed upstairs, they were assaulted by Komeri himself, who used mind control abilities to start pitting the group against itself. Battle began, and drew the attention of the local guards. Nike and Tock seeing the commotion came across to join in the fray, tricking the guards into thinking they too were there to help, however they attacked the guards from behind.

As Komeri neared death, he begged for mercy, which Tempest – reminding him of the wounds that were inflicted due to his mind control spell – would not grant, melting him with an acid orb.
The guards were easily finished off by the rest of the group.

Once the characters regained their composure, they went into the first storage room, and were promptly attacked by a mimic.

Once the mimic was felled, the group went on to examining their batch of treasure.

Journal Entry: #5 and #6
Author: Ashen

Recap the Fifth and Sixth:

I continue my travels with this odd mix of companions. Not surprisingly, this odd mix has led to an even more peculiar venture. Tock and Content Not Found: galfor-stonecutter continue their antics, but said antics only pale in comparison to the drow, Tempest. It will most assuredly take some time for me to figure him out, if I ever do.

Our current quest has taken us deep into this dungeon, of which the plant-like hedges made of the remains of people in various stages of a conversion process stands out as one of the most bizarre things I have heard of. This abomination of life has awoken me at night in cold sweat twice now, but I digress.

As we continued our search for prisoners to free, of which most are in various stages of conversion to plants, we came across the mercenary groups in search of us. While Tempest attempted to talk our way out of the situation, we all fell back into a more tactically beneficial location for the inevitable confrontation that ensued between us and the two groups of guards. Some highlights of the combat were the sorcerer being caught off guard by a hidden assailant, only to pull out a dagger and thunderously slam him into a wall and then envelop the area in darkness. Also, I was able to call of the divine power of my ancestors in a time of need that gave me the ability to nearing strike a foe down in one barrage of attacks. Tock also continues to surprise me with his resilience and eagerness to improve upon our combat tactics, while Nike has given me a number of extra opportunities to strike fear into the hearts of our foes with her command of the battlefield.

Regretfully, this foray did not end with all points being positive. The leader of one group, Glanfang, was able to escape us. This I fear will come back as a point of regret and dismay in the too near of future.

After that battle, we were able to search the area for things of note. Amongst the rather mundane and nearly useless equipment, we came across a two items: one referred to as Iron Armbands of Power and the other was referred to as Gloves of Agility. After some deliberation, our group came to the consensus that I should receive the items, as they would prove beneficial in stealthily striking fear and pain into the hearts and bodies of our foes.

With continued searching of the, what at this point seems endless, facility, we finally came to a room with a few prisoners that were bound and on a raised platform. They were horrified, presumably at the idea of the conversion process that was about to begin. The four smooth granite pillars with brass spheres atop each seemed connected in some way to the hideous hybrid plant beings that were around the room. We dispatched the atrocities in short order with a shrieking shudder, geared up the survivors, guided them out of the dungeon and led them through twists and turns of back alleys until we came to an inn that is their safehouse.

The survivors informed us that the overlord is trying to develop some massive weapon to wipe out all threats to his authority and a defense system to make the city impregnable. Also, there are scrying stones and other devices planted throughout the city that could aid us in gaining additional insight as to what is going on.

This myriad of options threw our rag-tag team into confusion as to which step to take next. After investigating various options, we realized that the quests that lie in front of us seemed to require the additional insight we hope to gain from the scrying stones. The first of which, we were told was in the hands of the Talons, a local thieves guild. We have now undergone dealings with them to retrieve an artifact of theirs in order to acquire the first of the scrying stones.

Journal Entry: #4
Author: Tempest

Recap the Fourth:

After dealing with the dangers of the lightning room, the group pressed on continuing their search for the prisoners, or failing that, some clue that would help lead them to those poor souls. Among the first hallway were murals and portraits, of which the group paid little heed as they opened every door they could come across. Wary for more traps and dark surprises, the first room was…a bedroom.

Seeing nothing of value initially, a second room off the first was found in which there was a single basin of still water and nothing else. Initial inspection led the group to believe there was something unusual about it, but having no way to activate it, thought it best to move on. However, one among the group persisted in searching the bedroom for something, anything that would make sense and found a “key” of sorts. An item that fit into a notch noticed at the bottom of the water basin. After much trepidation and discussion, the group put in the key and activated what appeared to be a scrying pool.

An act we will heretofore refer to as “mistake #1”.

Not content with a single mistake, the sorcerer drow examined the scene in the pool more closely and met “face to face” with the leader of the forces occupying the city. In what some would say is an exchange of witty repartee while others would say “pointless blabbering”, the leader quickly discovered his nice, big, sprawling dungeon had intruders and summoned his guards. At this point the adventurers realized time was short, and high tailed it from the scrying pool room and started hurriedly checking as many doors as they could in hopes of finding the prisoners before encountering the warleader’s soldiers.

Trying to examine as much of the sprawling area as possible, the group ignored traversing any stairs that would lead them down further levels, preferring to stick to any remaining doors on the level. Wary of the dangers of the dungeon and of the soldiers that had been alerted the group moved quickly, taking brief note of oddities such as broken statues and of any dead ends until the dungeon went from a work of stone, to an odd garden. Filled with sickly, disturbing hedges, the group pressed through them from one room to the next until for some reasons the vegetation began to grab and attack the party. In response, the party did their best to burn down every shrub, hedge, and root in sight which caused odd things to happen in the rooms with the plants.

Then we came to our most grisly discovery. We found many of the prisoners, and that somehow for some reason, they had been being converted into plants. At first assumed that they were still alive and were being turned into plants, the party used what talents they had to find a way to reverse the dark process, until they learned the poor fools were already long since dead. But this was not the worst discovery, as a smaller room was found near this initial area, one stacked to the brim with the already dead, and they were being prepared for this same process. None in the group understand why, but as exploration continued, and postulations ran rampant, their time had run out and the leader’s soldiers had found them…

Journal Entry: #3
Author: Nike

Backing out carefully from the room with the insects, we decided to see what lay behind door number 2. As the previous room had definitely been the tiger – if a very large, insect-like tiger – in a tiger and maiden choice, hopefully this room would contain the princess, the princess for adventurers being gold and loot. When we opened the door, we peered in and saw four columns and a graveyard of broken warforged parts.

Playing with the columns seemed to produce some sort of lightning in the center area and a bright flash from when four of us tried simultaneously sent what Tock referred to as a surge of energy through him. Being a dragonborn, I barely noticed the heat build up in the columns although complaints from my group mates warned me to take my hands out as well.

However, the flashes were not done and suddenly, lightning flashed again and this time, it brought along friends. The broken parts from the warforged junkyard were pulled together and formed into some sort of humanoid shapes that went after us. While we bashed it easily enough, the flashes would re-occur and more pieced together machines came after us. With every iteration, the machines became increasingly larger and increasingly well armored with weapons of some kind.

Our group had started with high spirits but we were tiring. Unlike our enemies, we were (mostly) flesh and blood and exhaustion pulled at our limbs. We would lose due to sheer attrition at this rate! I reasoned, if the pillars started the encounter, perhaps they could end it as well. We could perhaps turn the pillars off again.

The machines came after Ashen and I while the rest of the group scattered toward the columns. Occupied with battling the machines, I did not see what they did but clicking sounds and weaker lightning flashes with corresponding weaker enemies reassured us that something was working.

After stabbing another challenger, I made my way to the last column and studied it intently. Luckily, my dungeoneering knowledge was up to the task and I too turned the column down. Together, our team successfully turned off the pillars and survived another room in these catacombs.

Journal Entry: #2
Author: Galfor

Although hiding is not necessarily something Content Not Found: galfor-stonecutter_ enjoy doing as opposed to meeting my enemy head on, such action was necessary in order to arrive unscathed within the confines of Valburinn. Ashen and Content Not Found: galfor-stonecutter_ arrived via the back of a covered cart in Valburinn trailing our disguised companions. Content Not Found: galfor-stonecutter_ wasn’t sure exactly what was going on or how Tock and Nike managed to grant us safe passage further into Valburinn, but _Content Not Found: galfor-stonecutter wasn’t about to complain as we remain undiscovered for the time being. However, not wanting to press our luck, Ashen and Content Not Found: galfor-stonecutter were able to escape to the shadows of the Valburinn alley-ways after a clever bit of distracting from Tock allowed our escape to go unnoticed.

Staying hidden, Content Not Found: galfor-stonecutter_ listened to the rest of the party as they discussed the best way to locate the rebels we sought to rescue. It was decided that Tock, Nike, and Tempest would locate the nearest tavern in hopes that someone there could be coerced into helping us find the holding cells of the rebels. Ashen and Content Not Found: galfor-stonecutter_ remained in the shadows while the other three ventured into a tavern they located within Valburinn. As we were waiting outside the tavern, Content Not Found: galfor-stonecutter_ wasn’t exactly sure what occurred during the next half hour or so, but suffice to say…there was much drinking going on. From the looks of Nike staggering out of the tavern, and the vomit splattered on her armor, _Content Not Found: galfor-stonecutter was unsure of whether or not the attempts to gain aid in locating the rebels was “successful” or not. We were told that a drinking game had taken place and that Nike had some…um…trouble. Luckily Tempest stepped in and was able to out-drink one of the goblins in the tavern who eventually provided valuable information albeit in a drunken stupor. Content Not Found: galfor-stonecutter had no choice but to follow our best lead to the local keep within Valburinn in hopes that we would find what we were looking for.

We eventually were able to locate the keep, and descended down the staircase and stood confronted with an odd set of double doors. Each door had a unique symbol on it. One door had the image of a mindflayer creature, while the other door had an image of a human warrior wielding a blade in striking position. After staring at the door for what seemed like hours, the party eventually attempted to open the door through various ways. Content Not Found: galfor-stonecutter_ even tried to “gently kick in the door…gently” but that didn’t seem to work either. Unfortunately, we took so long that we were ambushed by the local guards. We made quick work in dispatching the guards only to discover that the blood from the corpses was running towards the base of the double doors and pooling in front of them. Taking this as a sign, _Content Not Found: galfor-stonecutter took a bit of cloth from the wardrobe of one of the guards, and dipped it into the blood and splattered it on the two symbols. The doors opened, and we descended deeper into the keep.

The long descent found us winding down a long staircase, which eventually opened into a long chamber like room with several passageways. Ashen stealthily scouted out the area with the rest of us in tow and reported back that all seemed to be clear, but that we had 3 choices ahead of us. The first two passageways to the east and west, both had doors…again with strange symbols on the front. One symbol was that of a ball of lightning, and the other was that of a kruthik. The party chose to open the door with the kruthik symbol thinking that maybe this option would be more brute force combat than the magical alternative of the lightning symbol. Content Not Found: galfor-stonecutter again gently kicked the door in…gently…and then allowed Nike and Tock to pave the way into the room, while those of us who are more “delicate” stayed back and waited for enemies to rear their ugly heads. Upon investigation of the room, the horrific screeching and scratching of kruthik followed with the appearance of several of the beasts along with a larger adult kruthik made their way into combat with us. Tempest opened the combat with a volley, followed by the attacks of the rest of of the party members. The kruthik were dispatched without too much work.

Even though Content Not Found: galfor-stonecutter_ remained out of combat for the most part (my comrades are much stronger in combat that Content Not Found: galfor-stonecutter_ could have hoped), Content Not Found: galfor-stonecutter was extremely winded and exhausted from the days events. Through much complaining and whining, Content Not Found: galfor-stonecutter convinced the party to halt for a moments’ respite, in order to regroup and ready our skills in search for the rebel prisoners. I can only hope that our weapons continue to be as deadly as they have been thus far.

Journal Entry: #1
Author: Tock

I met up with my old business contacts, Content Not Found: galfor-stonecutter and Ashen, and some acquaintances of theirs at a local inn. I’m not sure what to make of the other two, Nike and Tempest, but they look solid enough. Regardless though, it looks like the civil war has been taking its toll on the local populace, which is perfect for a new adventuring party willing to take the jobs others can’t or won’t. I can’t help but admit that I’d feel a little more at ease if our group had more metal in it.

As we planned our first move, we were overheard by the rebel leader Korrmun and informed that a group of valuable rebel prisoners were being held in Valburinn within the loyalist holding cells. He went on to stress that their safe return could prove to be profitable in coin and information to those daring enough. With no other options, we had little choice but to accept. Besides, a chance to strike the loyalists is something I need little convincing on.

Having taken the job, we made our way to Valburinn along the southern wall to find a way in. Along the way Ashen discovered a pouch containing a strange black powder among the remnants of a recent battle. All we could tell is that it’s not from around here and looks to be valuable. Content Not Found: galfor-stonecutter agreed to hold on to it for now.

As we continued our journey, we encountered a group of loyalist warforged scouts. Lucky, I was able to gain their trust and lead them to an ambush. We were able to dispatch the group after some work, but we soon spotted a larger group of reinforcements headed our way. Ashen, Tempest, and Content Not Found: galfor-stonecutter hid, while Nike and I attempted to bluff our way through. We were marginally successful, and were given an escorted entry to Valburinn and one of their holding rooms for further questioning. On our way, I could spot the other half of our party trailing us in secret, but I lost sight of them once we entered the city.

Again, luck was with us, and I was able to convince the warforged drone guarding us to let us go. Nike and I were quick to make haste from the holding area and toward the city proper to hopefully locate the rest of our party.

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