House Rules


This page lists and describes any deviations from the Dungeons & Dragons RAW. Included in the RAW are any official errata released by Wizards of the Coast; these changes will not be listed here.

List of House Rules

1. Experience

Experience will not be awarded per RAW. Leveling will be at the sole discretion of the DM.

2. Character Creation
  • All level 1 PCs start with a level 1 magic item (subject to DM’s approval) in addition to the standard starting gold.
  • Each PC will have a positive connection with at least one other PC.
  • DM will provide a list of locations in the local area and general descriptions of each.
  • DM will provide history and current situation with enough detail so players can create their PCs accordingly.
  • Players will develop sufficient backstory for their PCs within the campaign world detailing such things as their region of origin, current location, family and friends, good and bad past experiences, NPCs they love or hate (and reasons for such feelings), connections with other PCs, goals, and anything else that will help bring them to life. The more the better!
  • All PCs shall have an origin the Southern Expanse, either from Valburinn or one of the outlying villages (feel free to name a small hamlet of your choice and I shall place it on the map).
  • No PC shall have ever left the Southern Expanse or know anyone who has left and returned.
  • No PC shall have ever been to any of the named sites on the Locations page except for Valburinn pre-war and any of the surrounding towns.
  • Rumors abound! Each PC shall come up with one rumor relevant to the Southern Expanse, a location there, or any of its people. Feel free to invent people (but not places).

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House Rules

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