This page will be used to detail the history of the campaign setting.


The world is in turmoil. Civil war has erupted across the Southern Expanse and rumors trickling in from travelers is the rest of the continent is no better. The city-state of Valburinn, once the orderly stronghold of Overlord Barra, has fallen to utter chaos. Barra, noted for his brutality and tyrannical rule over the Plains of Efficad, is defending against the surprise attacks of the surrounding villages, led by Korrmun, Dominus of Briona. While the forces led by Korrmun currently have the advantage of surprise, it is quickly waning as the better trained and equipped forces of Barra regain their footing and launch their offensive.

The Ill Dispute

The events leading up to war in the Southern Expanse culminated with the death of Korrmun‘s son, Westin, at the hand of Barra’s executioner. For years, the villages around Valburinn had been subject to the cruelty of Barra‘s decrees. Unfortunately, without the power to oppose him or a leader willing to rally the people against him, the villages had little choice but to submit to his demands of high taxes, slave labor, and young folks of the realms. Young men were required to serve in Valburinn’s army for a period of at least five years while the young women tended the fields and farms of the city-state. The fairest of them were chosen to be the consorts of Barra and his officials; most were never heard from after being taken away.

Westin, having dodged the conscription for years, continued to frustrate Barra, who worried that such a show of defiance would weaken his hold on the Southern Expanse. So, when the young man traveled to Valburinn to flaunt his skills of evasion, he was ambushed and put on trial for crimes against the state. In very short order, he was found guilty of treason and publicly hung. His body was left there for all to see, a rotting reminder of what happens to those who cross Barra.

With the death of Westin, rage and resolve the likes of which he had never felt built within Korrmun. His beloved son had not deserved death; with this, Korrmun decided to strike back. He organized the people of Briona, Ferranthis, and Ceylitris into a web of stealth operations, knowing that a frontal assault would only result in a massacre. Bit by bit, the rebel groups infiltrated Valburinn and, when the time was right, launched synchronized attacks against key targets within the city.

With their defenses weakened and their officials confused, Korrmun‘s group began their attacks in earnest. Siege weapons were readied and drawn to the Valburinn’s main gate. They had liberated an airship from the city’s fleet and are intending to put it to good use. Only time will tell if they will succeed.

Meanwhile, Barra readies his elite troops…

Factions of the Southern Expanse

Loyalists Those supporting Barra and the city-state of Valburinn
Rebels Those supporting Korrmun and the villages of the Plains of Efficad
Elves Inhabitants of Elraegon, so far showing no interest in the squabbles of man
Dwarves Inhabitants of the Hammerforge Mountains, currently engaged in their own political maneuverings
Raiders and Mercenaries Various groups with widely differing levels of cohesion and structure, these groups hire to the highest bidder, be they loyalst, rebel, or other interested party

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