Name: Tock
Race: Warforged
Class: Earth Warden

Quote: “I know the importance of blood and bone more then any living creature. While you were born with yours, I’ve had to painstakingly collect mine in delicate jars and boxes.”


Standing 6’4" covered in steel and wood, Tock is a formidable sight. A fact made even clearer to those that have seen the warforged warden wield his massive war hammer in battle and lived to tell about it. Powered by the very forces of earth, Tock will use everything at his disposal to hold the line.

Once a loyal solider and protector of the loyalist forces that created him, Tock now travels the landscape to defend the weak from those that he once called master, and to reclaim that which was taken from him…

Shrouded in mystery, Tock prefers his weapon do the talking for him. What little people know of him passes through whispers and hushed comments. What is known is typically that of common knowledge: He is one of the rebel Valburinn warforged. Men of wood and steel created into duty and slavery, but who one day revolted against their masters for a chance at freedom. What caused the rebellion none can say for sure and the rebel warforged are tight lipped when it comes to trusting outsiders.

There are rumors though…Some say that the warforged are really the dead placed into walking metal bodies; who one day turned on their creators when the god of death himself could no longer allow such a perversion to continue unchecked. Others though, they claim the war-forged have been changed by the gods themselves as retribution against the loyalist for trying to create unnatural life. And that the gods will issue a new era of peace and prosperity once the loyalist masters are crushed.

No one really knows for certain, and it looks like the warforged aren’t going to share anything any time soon.


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