Where Chaos Reigns

Kormeri Loot

Loot found at Kormeri’s Antiquities. I have people in mind for the items but I will see what you all come up with.

Format below where appropriate: Item Name (Level)

Alchemical Failsafe (6)
Arcanist’s Glasses (3)
Badge of the Berserker (2)
Bag of Holding (5)
Bloodthirst Bracers (4)
Gloves of Piercing (4)
Gloves of Recovery (5)
Repulsion Armor – Cloth (7)
Shimmering Armor – Cloth (4)
Stormbiter Warblade – Dagger (4)

Acidic Fire (5) x 1
Blinding Bomb (3) x 1
Dragonfire Tar (3) x 1
Giggle Gas (9) x 1
Holy Water (6) x 1
Lesser Elixir of Invisibility x 1
Potion of Healing x 6
Stormglass Shard x 3

1845 gp worth of gold, gems, and art objects



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