Where Chaos Reigns

Game 5/27

The characters picked up their quest given to them by the Talons, a local thieves’ guild, from where they had last left off. In exchange for one of the stones that they were looking for, the Talons wanted the characters to steal a mask from Komeri, an artificer with some strong influence with Barra. A holy item of a trickster god, the Talons are prevented from stealing it themselves in order to be allowed to continue to operate in this town.

The group decided to split up – Nike and Tock went to a nearby tavern to scope out Komeri’s shop from across the street and watch for trouble, while Ashen, Galfor, and Tempest tried to find a way into the shop.

Nike and Tock had some difficulty getting into the tavern, due to it’s high end nature. The duo were finally able to enter after a successful armwrestling match against the bouncer.

After some searching, Tempest was able to teleport into the shop (which had a magically warded door), and Ashen and Galfor followed through an interesting use of an encounter power.

While searching out the first floor, the three came across Talmore, a Thunder Soul Genasi, who is an indentured servant of Komeri – and was willing to help them in exchange for his freedom.

As the three and the new member headed upstairs, they were assaulted by Komeri’s himself, who used mind control abilities to start pitting the group against itself. Battle began, and drew the attention of the local guards. Nike and Tock seeing the commotion came across to join in the fray, tricking the guards into thinking they too were there to help, however they attacked the guards from behind.

As Komeri neared death, he begged for mercy, which Tempest – reminding him of the wounds that were inflicted due to his mind control spell – would not grant, melting him with an acid orb.
The guards were easily finished off by the rest of the group.

Once the characters regained their composure, they went into the first storage room, and were promptly attacked by a mimic.

once the mimic was felled, the group went on to examining their batch of treasure.

Kormeri Loot

Loot found at Kormeri’s Antiquities. I have people in mind for the items but I will see what you all come up with.

Format below where appropriate: Item Name (Level)

Alchemical Failsafe (6)
Arcanist’s Glasses (3)
Badge of the Berserker (2)
Bag of Holding (5)
Bloodthirst Bracers (4)
Gloves of Piercing (4)
Gloves of Recovery (5)
Repulsion Armor – Cloth (7)
Shimmering Armor – Cloth (4)
Stormbiter Warblade – Dagger (4)

Acidic Fire (5) x 1
Blinding Bomb (3) x 1
Dragonfire Tar (3) x 1
Giggle Gas (9) x 1
Holy Water (6) x 1
Lesser Elixir of Invisibility x 1
Potion of Healing x 6
Stormglass Shard x 3

1845 gp worth of gold, gems, and art objects

Wiki Update

Joydyhee updated the following pages: Home Page, Table of Contents, and Locations. Also, navigation was standardized across all pages to reflect the new wiki structure.

Testing, testing...
Houston, we are a go for liftoff.

Joydyhee and Talae successfully tested the MapTools connection. Additional players discovered and added.

Planning Meeting #1
"Is this thing on?"

Tonight we held our first planning meeting. Joydyhee, taggart6, Talae, and thegrumpyyoungman were in attendance.

We tested connections with various media including Skype, Google Voice, {web video program}, and MapTools. We decided to use Skype (sans video for now). Also, Joydyhee needs to rip apart his router and configure port forwarding.

The good news is Talae got his sound working and was able to chat!

Next steps:

  1. Joydyhee sets up proper port forwarding
  2. Preliminary character sheets will be sent to Dropbox
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